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This torrent is a compilation made by the Pleasuredome staff of files from different sources.

The files are used by the MAME emulator or by frontends. They improve the playing experience.

All the contents of this torrent can be obtained from the websites of the original authors.

From the very beginning this torrent was made to be instantly usable while seeding back the contents.


The MAME EXTRAs, MAME Multimedia and MAME EXTRAs Update torrents are usually released every two months, about two weeks after the MAME release. It's necessary to wait until all the content is up-to-date and made available by all the sources used. The 3 torrents are released together. Do not ask when or if a new version of this torrent will be released, it will be released when it's ready.

The VideoSnaps (short videos intended to be played by frontends as previews) and Soundtracks (in MP3 format) are actually part of the MAME EXTRAs, but due to the size they are in a separate torrent named MAME Multimedia.

The MAME EXTRAs Update torrent has only the new files required to update both the MAME EXTRAs and MAME Multimedia torrents from one version to the next version.

Reproducing the torrent's contents

The files that are provided by progetto-SNAPS can also be downloaded with Arcade Database Tools.

Below are three methods to reproduce the torrent's contents using ROM Managers:

Method 1 (slow)

- Download the update set, if available.

- If you own a previous set, unzip all the existing zipfiles that contain the non-zipped content into a folder of the same name (in 7-zip -> Extract to "*\").

- Create a temporary folder called "_scan" in the parent folder.

- Move all the (extracted) folders with the non-zipped content into the "_scan" folder.

- Load the "all_non-zipped_content.dat" into CMP and in the Settings, point at the temporary "_scan" folder.

- Scan/Fix*/Rebuild the content until it's 100% complete and use the update content as rebuild source.

* Note: In case of Datfile Problem messages -> Yes To All

- Zip the internal content of all the individual folders in the temporary "_scan" folder and torrentzip (64-bit) them afterwards.

- Move the zipfiles from the temporary "_scan" folder to the parent folder.

- When all is finished, delete the temporary "_scan" folder.

Method 2 (fastest)

- download the Update EXTRAs

- create a folder "MAME EXTRAs\_scan"

note: replace by the current MAME EXTRAs version

- load the all_non-zipped_content.dat in CMP and point it at "MAME EXTRAs\_scan" in the Settings

- scan (New Scan without fixing) the empty "MAME EXTRAs\_scan" folder

- rebuild from the previous full version and from the current Update EXTRAs

- scan (New Scan) the result, which should now be 100% complete

- zip the internal content of each folder (except ctrlr, dats and folders) in "MAME EXTRAs\_scan"

- move the zipfiles and the dats, folder, ctrlr folders to "MAME EXTRAs\" and delete the _scan folder

- drag 'n drop the zipfiles on Torrenzip.NET (way faster!) or trrntzip64.exe

- scan/fix/rebuild and torrenzip the artwork and samples, using their datfiles

- copy the cheat.7z to "MAME EXTRAs\"

- copy the _ReadMe_.txt to "MAME EXTRAs\"

- check if it matches the torrent and join.

Method 3 - Using RomVault and a script created by member kdin6tl3nm (fast)
  1. Download the MAME EXTRAs dat-files zip.
  2. Download this script written by kdin6tl3nm.
  3. Extract the script (cvt.vbs) from the zip to an empty folder.
  4. Put the zip with the 3 dats inside in the same folder of the script.
  5. Double click the cvt.vbs script to run it. A single dat-file will be generated.
  6. Copy the new dat-file to the RomVault\DATRoot folder.
  7. Copy the "MAME Extras" files of the previous version to the RomVault\RomRoot folder.
  8. Copy the latest "MAME Update Extras" torrent files to the RomVault\ToSort folder.
  9. Delete all cheat.7z files from the RomRoot and ToSort folders. They would take hours to process.
  10. Run RomVault and press the "Update DATs" button on the left. Then press the "Scan ROMs" button. Then press the "Find Fixes" button. Then press the "Fix ROMs" button.
  11. Close RomVault.
  12. Copy the latest cheat.7z to the RomVault\ROMRoot folder. Remember that RomVault always creates torrentzipped zip files, but this archive must be left untouched.
  13. TorrentCheck will tell you that, and should be unzipped. Also, don't forget to copy _ReadMe_.txt.
  14. The RomVault\ROMRoot folder contains the result. Move its contents to another folder so that you can seed with your bittorrent client.


Some folders/archives are used by the MAME emulator (see MAME Installation for instructions):

File or Folder Description
artwork folder contains: bezels, control panels, marquees, instruction cards, backdrops, overlays, lamps and LEDs
ctrlr folder controller configurations
samples folder zipped WAV files for systems that don't have audio emulated yet; see MAME Samples
cheat.7z archive compilation of cheats

The dats folder has text files displayed by MAME or frontends. Its contents are:

File Description
command.dat list of the commands (e.g. how to do a Hadouken in Street Fighter)
gameinit.dat initialization procedures for games that are not playable on the first run
hiscore.dat unofficial highest scores achieved
history.dat history information text file in the old format
history.xml history information text file in the new format as needed by MAME. There's a copy of this file in the history folder.
mameinfo.dat information text file of arcade games
messinfo.dat information text file of non-arcade games; also lists changes in "whatsnew" and SVN
story.dat MAMESCORE top scores
sysinfo.dat systems information text file; contains details of the original machines and basic usage instructions

The folders folder has INI files. Each INI file appears in MAME (or frontends) as one or more folders with systems inside according to specific criteria. Its contents are:

File Description
arcade.ini arcade games
arcade_BIOS.ini arcade games that require a BIOS to run
arcade_NOBIOS.ini arcade games that don't require a BIOS to run
category.ini systems in about 235 categories
catlist.ini systems in about 224 categories (with slightly different criteria)
genre.ini systems in about 28 categories
languages.ini systems in about 16 languages
mamescore.ini games with MAMESCORE entries
mess.ini non-arcade systems
monochrome.ini games with two colors in three categories: "Black and White Games", "Monochromatic Games" and "Vectorial Black and White"
nplayers.ini how many players the game supports and if it's simultaneous play or not
screenless.ini systems without video output
series.ini lists series of games
version.ini lists of games that were added on every MAME version

The history folder has the history.xml file as needed by MAMEUI (a MAME derivative). There's a copy of this file in the dats folder.

The other archives are used by the MAME emulator or frontends:

Zip Description
artpreview artwork preview screenshots
bosses boss (final and hardest enemy of a level) screenshots
cabinets cabinets screenshots
covers_SL covers of the Software List
cpanel images of control panels
devices images of electronic gadgets that are attached to main systems
ends screenshot of the end of each game (when the game is completed)
flyers scanned paper advertisement intended for wide distribution to promote the systems
gameover screenshot of the game over message of every game
howto screenshot of the general instructions that the games display
icons icons of arcade games and the other systems
logo screenshot of the logo of the company that created every game
manuals manuals in PDF (usage and operational)
manuals_SL manuals in PDF (usage and operational) of Software List
marquees photos of the brand of the cab that is on the top of the cabinet, usually back-lit neon sign
pcb Printed Circuit Board snapshots; photos of the motherboards of the systems
scores screenshot of the default high score of every game
select screenshot of one selection menu of every game (character, country, level, gun, tool, language etc)
snap in-game screenshots
snap_SL in-game Software List screenshots
titles title screenshots, usually taken when the name of the game is shown during attract mode
titles_SL title screenshots of Software List, usually taken when the name of the game is shown during attract mode
versus screenshot of the presentation of the characters that will play against each other
warning screenshots of warnings displayed by the games


Below are the lists of websites with the resources used to create the MAME EXTRAs and MAME Multimedia torrents:

artwork progetto-SNAPS - Artworks
ctrlr Pierre Kutec's [dead]
samples progetto-SNAPS - Samples
Zipped Folders
artpreview progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
bosses progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
cabinets progetto-SNAPS - Cabinets
covers_SL progetto-SNAPS - Software List Resources
cpanel progetto-SNAPS - Control Panels
devices progetto-SNAPS - Devices
ends progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
flyers progetto-SNAPS - Flyers
gameover progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
howto progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
icons progetto-SNAPS - MAMu_'s Icons + Extended Version Icons
logo progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
manuals progetto-SNAPS - Manuals
manuals_SL progetto-SNAPS - Manuals
marquees progetto-SNAPS - Marquees
pcb progetto-SNAPS - PCBs
scores progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
select progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
snap progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
snap_SL progetto-SNAPS - Software List Resources
titles progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
titles_SL progetto-SNAPS - Software List Resources
versus progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
warning progetto-SNAPS - Snapshots
Support files (dats, folders & history)
arcade.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support (part of version.ini)
arcade_BIOS.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support (part of version.ini)
arcade_NOBIOS.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support (part of version.ini)
bestgames.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support
category.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support
catlist.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support
cheat.7z Pugsy's Cheats
command.dat progetto-SNAPS - Support (short-hand)
gameinit.dat progetto-SNAPS - Support
genre.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support
hiscore.dat Official MAMEdev Hiscore.dat (MAME-Source\Plugins\hiscore)
history.dat & history.xml Arcade History
languages.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support
mameinfo.dat MASH's MAMEINFO
mamescore.ini MAMESCORE [dead]
mess.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support (part of version.ini)
messinfo.dat progetto-SNAPS - Support
monochrome.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support (part of category.ini)
multiplayer.ini Nplayers32
nplayers.ini Nplayers
screenless.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support (part of category.ini)
series.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support
story.dat MAMESCORE [dead]
sysinfo.dat Progetto EMMA [dead]
version.ini progetto-SNAPS - Support
VideoSnaps progetto-SNAPS - VideoSnaps
VideoSnaps_SL progetto-SNAPS - Software List Resources
SoundTracks progetto-SNAPS [dead]

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