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Torrentverify is a small utility written in Python to check the data integrity of downloaded Torrents. It is also able to correct some typical problems found with some Torrent clients. It is basically like TorrentCheck, but with less features and no graphical interface, perfectly suited for people running Linux or seedboxes (although it can only be run on Windows and MAC if you install a Python).

These are the main features,

  • Written in Python and no external dependencies. You only need to copy in a directory and start using it. Python 3 is required.
  • List contents of a Torrent file.
  • Quick check if downloaded files exist and have correct size. You can truncate big size files in your download directory or delete wrong size files in your download directory.
  • Scan download directory for unneeded files. If you use previously downloaded data as starting point of new versions of a torrent it is likely there will be some unneeded files over time.
  • Comprehensive and slow data integrity check using the SHA1 algorithm.

To download and install torrentverify, go to GitHub, choose the last version released, click on Source code download link (either .zip or tar.gz, whichever suits you best) on the [b]Downloads[/b] section. Then, decompress the file, make sure it is executable ($ chmod 755 and you are done.

Torrentverify was started because some Torrent clients in Linux (and presumably also on other operating systems) incorrectly set the size of some files WHEN an old downloaded version of the Torrent data is used as the starting point for an upgrade.

For the latest Readme file:

Please report any bugs or feature requests in GitHub.