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TorrentCheck is a tool developed by Pleasuredome member blackpudd. It's available as 32-bit and 64-bit binaries for Windows, Linux and MacOS. No source code is available. It has multi-language support.

There isn't an official webpage (it was distributed in the now defunct Pleasuredome Forum). Latest released versions can be downloaded below:

Version Link
Windows - 64-bit - version 0.9e download
Windows - 32-bit - version 0.9e download
Linux - 64-bit - version 0.9e download
MacOS - 64-bit - version 0.8 download

What it does

TorrentCheck checks if the files on a computer match a torrent. For every run, a report file is created in TXT format. The following can be checked:

  • If the files exist
  • If the files' sizes are correct
  • If the torrent's hashes match
  • If there are unneeded files and folders

Additionally, it's able to:

  • Delete or move unneeded files and folders to a user-defined backup folder
  • Attempt to find missing files based only on file sizes
    • "Attempt to fix/rebuild missing files" will scan the backup folder and try to rebuild any missing files from there. Say for example you deleted unneeded files, the names of the files may have just changed and it will move them back with the correct name. Or you can point the backup folder to a new location and TorrentCheck will scan that folder for matching files and copy them.
  • Delete files with wrong size
  • Trim padded files, which is useful to fix files downloaded by some buggy µTorrent versions
  • Show completion percentage (requires SHA-1 file integrity check enabled)
  • View (and save) the list of files and folders of a .torrent file
  • Select which files and folders that are on the computer should be ignored by the 'unneeded' scanner
  • Open the torrent file in default torrent client

How it looks like

This is the main window:

The contents of the log file automatically named "TorrentCheckReport_MAME 0.159 CHDs (Merged)_2015-02-25_18-29-14.log" is below as an example:

TorrentCheck v0.6c Report file

File check/size check:

File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalnc13\gdt-0010a.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalnc13\gdt-0010c.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalns13\gdt-0009a.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalns13\gdt-0009c.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalonc\gdt-0006e.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalonc\gdt-0006f.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalonc\gdt-0006g.chd"
Wrong file size: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalons\gdt-0005c.chd" wrong: 363664022 right: 283895226
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalons\gdt-0005e.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalons\gdt-0005f.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalons\gdt-0005g.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\gekpurya\gdt-0008b.chd"
Wrong file size: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\gekpurya\gdt-0008c.chd" wrong: 410959490 right: 420091711
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\ghostsqu\gdx-0012.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\lindbios\mda-c0004a_revb_lindyellow_v2.4.20_mvl31a_boot_2.01.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\mj2\gdx-0006f.chd"
Wrong file size: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\outr2\gdx-0004a.chd" wrong: 755131966 right: 750149636
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\tcfboxa\gdt-0022a.chd"
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\vnight\vpn1cd0.chd"
Wrong file size: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\vs2002j\gdt-0001.chd" wrong: 235268067 right: 230799671
File not found: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\vs42k6ex\gdt-0021.chd"
Wrong file size: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\wangmid\gdx-0009b.chd" wrong: 866729416 right: 722352492

Correct files: (578/600) - Missing files: (17/600) - Wrong sized files: (5) - Successfully trimmed files: (0/0)

Unneeded files check:

Unneeded file: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalon13\gdt-0010c.chd"
Unneeded directory: "D:\Pleasuredome\MAME CHDs 0.157\avalon13\"

Unneeded files: (1) - Unneeded directories: (1) - Successfully deleted files: (0/1) - Successfully deleted directories: (0/1)

Quick Guide

Not many steps are necessary to use TorrentCheck:

  1. "File" → "Select .torrent file": add the .torrent file
  2. "File" → "Select torrent directory": select the folder where the contents of the torrent are
  3. "Check file integrity (SHA-1)" on the main window can be disabled to only check file sizes, which is much faster
  4. Press the large "Check Torrent" button. After processing, the resulting text file will be automatically opened with Notepad


Some hints:

1. After you add a torrent magnet to qBittorrent via "File" → "Add Torrent Link" menu, a window appears. After the metadata is retrieved, you can click on a button to save the .torrent file:

2. Most bittorrent clients automatically save all added .torrent files (also magnet links) in a folder. qBittorrent, for example, saves those files with hash filenames in the folder below by default:


3. Usually, when you have the wrong file (in other words, a file with wrong hash value), its size is wrong. That's why the file size check is usually enough for checking. Running TorrentCheck with "Check file integrity (SHA-1)" disabled is much faster because it doesn't need to calculate the hash values of all pieces of files. If you are changing the files you have to try to match a torrent, keep that setting disabled and run TorrentCheck as many times as needed. After you did all you could do to match the content of the torrent, run TorrentCheck again with that setting enabled.