ROM Manager

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Each game an emulator runs requires at least one archive, which has one or more files (ROM Images) inside.

A dat-file is a list of all files of all archives used by a specific emulator with name, size and hash.

A ROM Manager is software that uses a dat-file to organize the files that are on a computer so that a specific emulator is able to find its files and run properly.

List of ROM Managers

Below is a list of ROM Managers, split in two categories:

Most used

  1. clrmamepro
  2. RomVault


These are alternatives that may be worth using:

Name Notes
AdvanceSCAN command-line
ckmame Linux; command-line
GoROM Linux, Mac OS X and Windows; by Pleasuredome member unicade
igir platform-independent; command-line; to filter, sort, patch, and archive
JRomManager cross-platform (written in Java); by Pleasuredome member gatti
MAME Set Rebuilder Windows and Linux
oxyromon command-line written in Rust and designed with archiving in mind
ROMba Linux and Mac OS X; command-line; de-duplicates files
RomCenter Windows with .Net Framework 4
Romulus Windows and Linux via Wine