Missing MAME Rollback Files

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The MAME Rollback torrents are used to recreate sets of files for older MAME versions.

Therefore, these torrents only contains old versions of ROMs and CHDs.

However, some files are missing. If you happen to have any of them please contact us.

For practicality purposes, the list of missing ROMs is below:

Name File Name Size CRC MD5 SHA1
MAME (v0.105u4) - 19xxj 19xjx.05a 524288 b4389661 n/a 465d0a8343acbed5d0b79365c258e0220b60d935
MAME (v0.105u4) - 19xxj 19xjx.06a 524288 ed35a09f n/a d3986c4ea5c782b648edce0d2d9745be695e938d
MAME (v0.113u4) - bm3rdmix 825jab01.6a 524288 934fdcb2 n/a b88bada065b5464c579039c2e403c061e6eeb356
MAME (v0.113u4) - bm3rdmix 825jab02.8a 524288 6012c488 n/a df32db41942c2fe2b2aa7439900372e22ea54c3c
MAME (v0.113u4) - bm3rdmix 825jab07.22d 524288 1a515c82 n/a a0c908d449aa45cb3a90a42c97429f10873e884b
MAME (v0.113u4) - bm3rdmix 825jab08.23d 524288 82731b07 n/a c0d391fcd94c6b2225fca338c0c5db5d35e2d8bc
MAME (v0.113u4) - bm3rdmix 825jab09.25d 524288 1407ba5d n/a e7a0d190326589f4d94e83cb7c85dd4e91f4efad
MAME (v0.113u4) - bm3rdmix 825jab10.27d 524288 2afd0a10 n/a 1b8b868ac5720bb1b376f4eb8952efb190257bda
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa01.6a 524288 469cee89 n/a d7c3e25e48492bceb17825db357830b08a20f09a
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa02.8a 524288 112ff5a3 n/a 74d7155a1b63d411a8c3f99e511fc4c331b4c62f
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa03.19a 524288 d80315f6 n/a 070ea8d00aeecce1e357be5a9c434ef46f57a7e9
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa04.20a 524288 f7b9ac82 n/a 898fbe229a3fdea5988d46359d030c3ec35eaafd
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa05.22a 524288 2902f6df n/a 658ccae9a67196a310bd69870c350058d2911feb
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa06.24a 524288 508f326a n/a a55c17f88b5856a754f00a6e32b6f60685a88bec
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa07.22d 524288 b9c12071 n/a 8f67965d5c8e7c9bfac528a77a9e7c8e0d8b17c8
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa08.23d 524288 a263f819 n/a b479a215282212e9253e4085640c0638a4036e31
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa09.25d 524288 204d53eb n/a 349de147246b0ed08fb7e473d63e073b71fa30c9
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa10.27d 524288 535a61a3 n/a b24c57601a7e3a349473af69114703133a46806d
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba01.6a 524288 8fa0c957 n/a 12d1d6f15e19955c663ebdfcb16d5f6d209c0f76
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba02.8a 524288 7adb00a0 n/a 70a86897ab6cbc3f34be51f7f078644de697e331
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba03.19a 524288 e5d15d3c n/a bdbd3c59e3377e071b199eea6cfb2ad84d37e971
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba04.20a 524288 687f9beb n/a 6baac0aa2db3af9e34469b1719ccff3643fd85f7
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba05.22a 524288 3bedc09c n/a d0806bb54a3e620a987d61c6a5f04a2e1fc613a8
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba06.24a 524288 1673a771 n/a 2768434f1c94543f69d40165e68d325ae5d553cd
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba07.22d 524288 6fd06bdb n/a 1dc621923e0871d2d5171753f5ddb97786ab12bd
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba08.23d 524288 28256891 n/a 2069f52d596acbf355f205bb8d69cefc4cce3542
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba09.25d 524288 5d2bda52 n/a d03c135ac04437b54e4d267ae168fe7ebb9e5b65
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba10.27d 524288 edc4a245 n/a 30bbd7bf0299a064119c535abb9be69d725aa130
MAME (v0.121u1) - mt_ggolf mp11129f.ic1 131072 972c75ac n/a 2ae74c8563a3cefb27611d17bf3926865b6ebd45
MAME (v0.128u4) - witchcda w_card.256 32768 104218a4 n/a 191e198f5443afc80a0e1bba3ccaad4e744b15e0
MAME (v0.128u4) - witchcdb w_card.128 16384 620ac5ca n/a 69275683780c65a83ee6dcef3bd14ac02f4929a0
MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_10 mf021219.rom 262144 n/a c8810d803d320d9fefa46588c8ef28c0 887d456b2ba89560329457d9eaea26fb72223a38
MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_12 mf021121.rom 262144 n/a 727dc01459f6745caa2b19fbd4432055 87a1fb81330cf4b66e17702c22fda694ebff58eb
MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_13 mf021120.rom 262144 n/a 6021e2bfa67abdfc0beb7f291fdc9d9c eb7eb5aae00a77edcf328f460970eb180d86d058
MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_4 mf031117.rom 262144 n/a 531a3e63c46be33a151c06bdd9479655 1d244a332af0fb6aa593a246211ff2b6d2c48a59
MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_5 mf031026.rom 262144 n/a a0a31829705ad78786f7c1bd36cee0cf 451b390793f89188afe2b6e82fc02b474fb97a7c
MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_7 mf030511.rom 262144 n/a a910910ce7963a4385e31769789842f7 06b3e3875f036782983e29e305f67a36f78a4f06
MAME (v0.129u5) - mfish_9 mf021227.rom 262144 n/a 1bbdff5bd2b89a0c9c474286c55d16db 58b74c41a88a781da01dba52744dc74e41deae70
MAME (v0.70u4) - suzuk8h2 ehs1voi1.bin 524288 d421d6a7 n/a 535a18ed97e157ef0b8b537c87216c711f8b6c21
MAME (v0.89u1) - kdeadeye kdeadeye.25c 128 ef18ff63 n/a f2b0ef660b92ab910666c86b43f3813292b3fe2f

For practicality purposes, the list of missing CHDs (with internal hashes) is:

Name File Name MD5 SHA1
MAME (v0.112u3) - ddrja 845jab02 8f6f136824f7ea605be4e97eea9395be 841e7d8be9442af45652b2fbc0bbd949cedb18b6
MAME (v0.113u4) - bm7thmix b07jab11 0e9440787ca69567792095085e2a3619 n/a
MAME (v0.113u4) - bmclubmx 993jaa11 e26eb62d7cf3357585f5066da6063143 n/a
MAME (v0.113u4) - bmfinal c01jaa11 8bb7e6b6bc63cac8a4f2997307c25748 n/a
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn1 803jaa11 54a8ac87857d81740621c622e27736d7 n/a
MAME (v0.113u4) - popn3 980jaa11 6e5cc17a6bc75cac0256192cc700215c n/a
MAME (v0.113u4) - popnstex 970jba11 1616905838fdb2b521d53499c6c2a7a4 n/a
MAME (v0.145u3) - a51site4a a51site4a n/a a0962b35c265154e571f973a819efdd06109e543


Question: I noticed that Rollback torrents have some files missing. What are the chances that those files might be found in the future?


Next to zero.

The rollback contains the removal differences between all MAME sources that have been released in public, including u-releases.

The rollback is a source difference, not a file difference.

Some of the source differences never included actual files.

Some of the missings don't even exist due to incorrect file hashes in the source between u-releases.

Some (bad) dumps that were included in some u-releases never saw daylight and were removed or replaced again the next u-release.

These all ended up in the rollback as missings.


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