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MAME supports displaying data via the command line interface (CLI). The output can be redirected to a text file.

Detailed properties

Use the command below to create an XML file with a list of all the games and its detailed properties:

mame.exe -listxml > games_detailed.xml

The XML generated has information of ROMs, CHDs and samples.

The generated file games_detailed.xml is very large (about 254 megabytes) and can be opened with a text editor such as Notepad++.

It's possible to use the generated file with a ROM Manager such as clrmamepro.

Short and full names

The command below only lists short and full names:

mame.exe -listfull > games_names.txt

A sample of the result is below:

D:\mame>mame.exe -listfull
Name:             Description:
005               "005"
100lions          "100 Lions (10219211, NSW/ACT)"
10yard            "10-Yard Fight (World, set 1)"
10yard85          "10-Yard Fight '85 (US, Taito license)"
10yardj           "10-Yard Fight (Japan)"
110dance          "Retro Dance Mat (110 song Super StepMania + 9-in-1 games) (PAL)"
11beat            "Eleven Beat"
1292apvs          "1292 Advanced Programmable Video System"
1392apvs          "1392 Advanced Programmable Video System"
15lions           "15 Lions (10166211, Queensland)"
18w               "18 Wheeler (set 1)"
18w2              "18 Wheeler (set 2)"
18wheelr          "18 Wheeler (deluxe, Rev A)"
18wheelro         "18 Wheeler (deluxe)"
18wheelrt         "18 Wheeler (deluxe, Rev T)"
18wheels          "18 Wheeler (standard)"
18wheelu          "18 Wheeler (upright)"
1941              "1941: Counter Attack (World 900227)"
1941j             "1941: Counter Attack (Japan)"
1941r1            "1941: Counter Attack (World)"
1941u             "1941: Counter Attack (USA 900227)"
1942              "1942 (Revision B)"
1942a             "1942 (Revision A)"
1942abl           "1942 (Revision A, bootleg)"

All commands

There is a command to list all commands:

mame.exe -showusage

The list of listing commands is below:

-listxml             all available info on driver in XML format
-listfull            short name, full name
-listsource          driver sourcefile
-listclones          show clones
-listbrothers        show "brothers", or other drivers from same sourcefile
-listcrc             CRC-32s
-listroms            list required ROMs for a driver
-listsamples         list optional samples for a driver
-verifyroms          report romsets that have problems
-verifysamples       report samplesets that have problems
-romident            compare files with known MAME ROMs
-listdevices         list available devices
-listslots           list available slots and slot devices
-listmedia           list available media for the system
-listsoftware        list known software for the system
-verifysoftware      verify known software for the system
-getsoftlist         retrieve software list by name
-verifysoftlist      verify software list by name
-version             get MAME version


Below is an alternative to generating XMLs from MAME's binary: