MAME Set Rebuilder

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MAME Set Rebuilder has many advantages versus clrmamepro:

  1. Linux version available
  2. Only 3 steps are needed for start rebuilding: selection of source and destination folder, selection of xml/dat file of desired M.A.M.E. version and selection of set type (not merged, split or merged) :-)
  3. It's able to use old dat format from old M.A.M.E. version, for example 0.37b5
  4. On destination set only complete romset will be created. With Clrmamepro if your starting set is not complete it creates also incomplete romset. In this way romset won't start with M.A.M.E. that complains for missing roms. This is very tedious (with complete set it doesn't happen) and always happens during downgrade of few romset
  5. In the romset will be inserted (using a prefix) also roms that in xml/dat file are reported with same name but different CRC (in this case Clrmamepro takes only last one)
  6. Romset will be separated in different folders:
  • bios-devices
  • mechanical
  • roms
  • roms_chd_needed

In the last two folders will be other folders for separate Parent from Clone and romset that needs a BIOS.


In mechanical folder will be inserted systems like flipper, whereas in bios-devices you will find for example NeoGeo BIOS needed for SNK game (i.e. Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001). In roms_chd_needed folder you will find romset that uses a CHD

Note 2

MAME Set Rebuilder creates only complete romset, so in Merged or Split mode if Parent is not present (because it's not complete), but Clone needs only some available ROMs from it and may be fully working, Clone romset will be created in Not-Merged mode

Application official site is here (check the first post of the thread for new application version links).



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