MAME ROMs and CHDs Sooners at RetroRoms

From Retro Arcade Guides

Since MAMEdev stopped releasing intermediate (u) releases, the interval between releases has been up to two months.

Several interesting new developments have been more or less kept out of public sight for too long because of this, slowing down development also due to a lack of feedback to the developers from public bleeding-edge testers.

In order to support MAME development in general, we have decided to collaborate with RetroRoms in order to get the new developments to the public as soon as possible.

RetroRoms has been around for a long time and offers a better platform for sharing single ROMs.

Pleasuredome, being a torrent site, offers a better platform for releasing the larger full- and update torrent releases.

Both sites share newly released ROMs/CHDs as soon as we can get our hands on them, so development and the public can benefit from it.

If you register an account there, you will also have access to downloads on their BDA storage location.

I would like to thank Czokie and Mucci over at RetroRoms for making this possible.

Happy (bleeding-edge) gaming everyone!