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MAMEHub is an open-source cross-platform project, currently maintained by the original programmer DigitalGhost, which enables people all around the world to meet up and play their old games together.

As of version 2.06 it uses UME (Universal Machine Emulator), which is a combination of MAME and MESS, to emulate a huge collection of systems. Some examples of popular systems are Arcade, Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Genesis/Megadrive, PC Engine, Amiga, even some PlayStation and Nintendo64 games. Not all games and systems are perfectly emulated yet, but just like MAMEHub itself, UME is an open-source project and receives constant updates and improvements.

MAMEHub consists of a Java based application, which functions as a lobby and is wrapped around the actual Client-Server adaptation of UME, called CSUME. From inside the lobby players can chat, create and join games. Missing files are shared automatically between players, provided that you own the rights to use it, offering a very simple and user-friendly environment to play


MAMEHub is a hobbyist project, therefore not intended for commercial use.