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MAME (acronym of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is an emulator application designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in software on modern personal computers and other platforms. The intention is to preserve gaming history by preventing vintage games from being lost or forgotten. The aim of MAME is to be a reference to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines; the ability to actually play the games is considered "a nice side effect".

The official website is where binaries and sources of all versions can be found. The website also has documentation and a Wiki.


Since version 0.162 (released on 27 May 2015), MESS (an emulator for video game consoles and computer systems and calculators, based on the MAME core) merged with MAME.

For more information see MAME Release Dates.


MAME is for Windows since version 0.37b15 (released on 24 May 2001). Previous versions were for DOS.

Here are links to ports for other operating systems:

Website OS Ubuntu Linux Slackware Mac OS X

For Macs, this is an important information source:


Some of the most important emulators strongly based on MAME's source code:

Name Comment
AdvanceMAME for arcade monitors and TVs
ARCADE arcade games only; formerly MAMEUIFX
GroovyMAME for CRT monitors
HBMAME hacks, homebrews and simulations that are not in MAME (formerly known as MisfitMAME)
HqMAME xBRZ and HQx high quality image scaling
MAMEUI uses Windows' graphical interface
RacerMAME for racing cabinets
WolfMAME for score competitions

Derivatives with netplay

Allows people playing together through the internet.

Name Comment
MAME Plus! Plus Kaillera dead; old binaries at
MAME32 More! with Kaillera; doesn't have an official website (Google it!)
MAME32K with Kaillera; doesn't have an official website (Google it!)
MAMEHub not with Kaillera

Resources and Guides

Many resources are available on the MAME EXTRAs torrent.

Command-line information is here: - MAME Documentation - Universal Commandline Options. Additional information on MAME XML.

Some guides:

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