Logiqx Tools

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Is a collection of arcade-related ROM tools written by logiqx.

Hasn't been updated since 2009.

This is the official website: http://www.logiqx.com/Tools/

A list of the tools follows:

Tool Description Last updated
DatLib v2.36 Core to all tools; it provides data file loading, cleansing, conversion and saving routines 13 Apr 2009
DatUtil v2.46 Data file creation/conversion tool 13 Apr 2009
ImgChk v2.10 ImgChk verifies image collections against any format datafile 24 Mar 2008
MAMEDiff v2.31 Data file comparison tool 13 Apr 2008
ROMBuild v2.14 ROM manipulation tool that can convert modern day ROMs to older formats 19 Dec 2009
ROMInfo v2.8 ROM identification tool (for individual ROMs) 24 Mar 2008
ZIPFind v2.4 ZIP location tool for use with FTP servers 24 Mar 2008
ZIPIdent v2.11 Game identification tool (for groups of ROMs) 13 Mar 2009

Tools updated by the author of the FB Alpha emulator to support MAME 0.145u1 and later. Repackaged and compiled against a newer zlib (1.2.6): Fba