How to hash a file with clrmamepro

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To calculate the hashes of a file, simply drop the file on clrmamepro's About window:

Clrmamepro - About.png

The result will be shown in a new, resizeable window:

Clrmamepro - About - File Information.png

Select the result dragging the mouse cursor over the text and then copy to the Clipboard pressing CTRL+C. Paste pressing CTRL+V.

If the dropped file is an archive (has .zip, .7z or .rar extensions), the hashes will be calculated for every file inside the archive. To calculate the hashes of the archive itself (not of the files inside it) the archive has to be renamed to another extension (such as .bin) before being dropped.

If it is necessary to calculate the hashes of many files, it's easier to follow the How to create a dat-file with clrmamepro guide.