Faster Clrmamepro

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These are interesting considerations to make clrmamepro work faster on your computer:

  • Be sure no other software is accessing the hard disks clrmamepro is accessing. Be careful with your bittorrent client, downloads, copying or moving files, compressing or extracting archives and watching movies for example.
  • Temporarily disable your antivirus software. It may scan every file clrmamepro is accessing, slowing down clrmamepro.
  • When rebuilding, don't put archive inside archive on the source folder.
  • When rebuilding, put the source folder in a different hard disk than the destination folder.
  • When rebuilding, set the files not to be compressed on the destination folder.
  • clrmamepro is optimized for ZIP archives (reading, creating or updating). Avoid using other compression formats.
  • Use ZIP format with zero compression if the archives will be recompressed later (when torrentzipping, for example).
  • If you want archives in 7z format, you can create/update ZIP archives first and then convert them to 7z with Torrentzip.NET or Torrent7zip. Or you can convert the ZIPs to other formats with DrizzleZip for example.
  • If you are using clrmamepro to deal with 7z archives that will be torrent7zipped later, you can set clrmamepro to use zero compression and non-solid archives. To do this, load any DAT File then go to Settings → Compressor → 7Z tab. The settings should be exactly:
Executable 7z.exe
Compress a -y -r -ms=off -mx0 %1 %2
Delete d -y -ms=off -mx0 %1 %2
Rename rn -y -ms=off -mx0 %1 %2 %3
Rename checkbox enabled*
* for it to work, you need to have copied the 7z.exe file from version 9.30 alpha or later of your 7-zip installation to the root folder of clrmamepro

Known problem

Recent 7-Zip versions (that clrmamepro relies on) don't work properly with archives that were torrent7zipped.

It's recommended to use 7-Zip version 9.22 beta (which can be downloaded here) or 9.28 alpha.

You can install 7-Zip of one of the versions above and copy 7z.exe from the installation folder to the root of clrmamepro.