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Datinate is a Windows tool for viewing, comparing, and creating DAT files.


Datinate is built to make viewing, comparing, and generating DATs (from existing DATs) easier. It focuses on enabling users in the following way:

  1. Verify the integrity of information recorded across DAT files (by offering detailed comparisons of two DAT files).
  2. Offer summary views on multiple DAT record sets (which clearly identify duplicate entries, or entries with alternative names).
  3. Provide powerful, but user friendly, filtering mechanisms to compile new DATs from existing collections.

Being able to view high level information about DATs, and make comparisons amongst different preservation groups’ DAT collections, is not as easy as it could be. There is a lot of duplicate information amongst these files – Datinate helps to remove the noise.

What can it do

The following tasks can be performed very quickly:

  1. See the total number of software items listed in a DAT file.
  2. See the combined size (in Bytes) of all, or a subset of software records in a DAT file.
  3. Compare two DAT files to find duplicate records.
  4. See the different extension files used by each DAT.
  5. Perform complex searches (via filtering) of the records in a DAT file, and compile a new DAT file from it.

Download link Datinate

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