Saving Torrents

Updating torrents is easier if:

  • each torrent is saved in a folder that is not part of another torrent (recursively scanning/rebuilding folders with a ROM Manager is easier if the contents are separate)
  • no files have full path length longer than 260 characters (to avoid Windows' limitation)


It's not recommended to save "MAME ROMs" and "MAME CHDs (Merged)" torrents on the same folder, even though the contents don't overlap.

Examples of full paths:

Full path Full path length
(in characters)
G:\Pleasuredome\MAME EXTRAs 0.165\marquees\tugboat.png 54
D:\Pleasuredome\(TOSEC 2013-04-13) PIX (safe sets)\Tandy Radio Shack\Magazines\Byte Bandits of America Tandy TRS-80's Computer Club Newsletter\Byte Bandits of America Tandy TRS-80's Computer Club Newsletter (1986-06)(Byte Bandits of America Tandy TRS-80's Computer Club)(US).zip 278


Some Windows applications may accept UNC-style paths, which have limitation of about 32,767 characters. Example:

Regular Path UNC Path
E:\mame\roms\neogeo \\?\E:\mame\roms\neogeo

It's not necessary to use UNC paths with Clrmamepro since version 4.036a.